Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bryce Canyon // Karma

Does this backdrop not look fake?! I mean, it's seriously stunning. I wish I could take all my blog photos here! We took these at one of the lookouts in Bryce Canyon on the second day of our trip. Such a cool and unique place. I had been to the lookouts years ago but I had no idea there was a hike that took you right down in there! That was definitely the highlight of our visit. Also, how cute are these harem shorts? I seriously love them. They're comfy, super flattering and pretty much the perfect length - although, I wore biker shorts under them just to be safe. Plus, them and this faux-leather sleeved cardigan are under $50 together! They're from Karma, one of my favorite boutiques that just happens to be a few blocks from where I live. The owner is also the sweetest and cutest thing ever! She makes you feel like you're best friends whenever you come in. I just love her. If you're local stop in and see her and get 20% off! (just follow us both on instagram for the discount). These shorts are only $22 and she has just a few cardigans left but they're $18 while they last!
Hope your week is going by fast. Mine seems to be dragging on since I'm still trying to come to terms with working every day after a week of all play. And it doesn't help that I'm really excited to see one of my all-time favorite singers in concert this weekend! Ah, hurry up Saturday!
Outfit Details:
Shorts & Cardigan - c/o Karma
Tee - Downeast
Biker shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - Ross
Necklace - c/o Olive Deer
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Angel's Landing

In honor of Earth Day I thought I'd post a little nature from our trip last week! We had so much fun hiking, jeeping and jumping between National Parks. I'm still trying to get out of vacation mode (if you haven't noticed by the lack of posting). It's always so hard to come back!
These photos are from our hike to the top of the famous "Angel's Landing" in Zions. It's a pretty narrow path at times and suuuper high up, so basically, AWESOME. I had already done the hike a few years back, but Ethan had never been so I had fun convincing him to keep going until the top. He's a pretty cautious guy and a little afraid of heights but having an adrenaline-junkie for a wife is slowly breaking him of that ;) I guess my advice of taking it one step at a time and not looking down worked because we both made it to the top! And he agreed the view was worth it :)
I seriously recommend this hike as a must-do if you ever visit Zions! It's not easy, but it's definitely a fun one with gorgeous views!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Girl.

sheinside, anniversary, floral 276
Hey! So, I'm filling in for my friend Emily today over at Some Girl. Come check out the rest of my post there! And make sure you check out yesterday's post too for some Easter inspiration if you missed it. Have a happy Easter weekend!! 
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Bunny

easter outfit 009 easter outfit 069 easter outfit 191 easter outfit 028 easter outfit 124 PicMonkey Collage1 easter outfit 037 easter outfit 153 easter outfit 081 easter outfit 128 easter outfit 198 easter outfit 163 easter outfit 120
My sweater has bunnies on it!!! Best. Sweater. Ever. As soon as I got it I knew I had to wear it with my le bunny bleu flats at some point - perfection. I figured what better time than Easter?? This beautiful full skirt instantly caught my attention too. This is definitely what I'll be wearing on Sunday. And of course I had to don my floral crown again in welcoming Spring, which is part of what Easter is about I'm pretty sure. Oh and the gorgeous little puppy in these pictures? Her name is Peanut and she's my Mom's. I wish I could claim her as all mine but I have to share ;)  She's such a sweet freckled thing. I had to let her join in the photo fun, I mean, she's close enough to a bunny. Definitely just as cute! She sure had fun running free outside as a reward for posing with me.
Well, we'll be heading home from our little trip this weekend and I took lots of pictures to share (of course)! Look out for the pics next week. Hope everyone has a great Easter!!
Outfit Details:
Sweater - Target
Skirt - c/o Choies
Flats - Le Bunny Bleu c/o Trinity
Purse - Gift
Floral Crown - c/o Miss Stevi Marie
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


sheinside, anniversary, floral 101 sheinside, anniversary, floral 159sheinside, anniversary, floral 136 sheinside, anniversary, floral 184 sheinside, anniversary, floral 239 sheinside, anniversary, floral 164
sheinside, anniversary, floral 197 (2)
sheinside, anniversary, floral 252
sheinside, anniversary, floral 181
I'm sad to admit I've had this dress for like 6 months and I'm just now getting around to wearing it for the first time. Do you ever do that? I always wonder how the heck that happens.. I ended up pulling it out for our anniversary dinner last Thursday, so at least after the long wait to be worn it got debuted on a special occasion! We went to a new Indian restaurant that just opened up by us since we're both huge fans of Indian food and it definitely didn't disappoint! We ate until we couldn't eat anymore and then went home and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and ate ice cream in bed. Haha, we're so old. But we figured we'd keep it low-key since our trip this week is suppose to be for our anniversary. I'm loving that all the flowers on the trees are in bloom right now! There's so many around our neighborhood so I'll warn you now they might be popping up in a lot more of my pictures. This one reminds me of Mulan when her Dad is talking to her about the cherry blossoms. I thought about calling this post "Moulin Rouge" since the dress is red but then it would just get confusing since that's totally not the Mulan I'm talking about. Side note: I was obsessed with Mulan when it came out. I'm pretty sure I had the Barbie and I was definitely Mulan for Halloween that year. I even loved those oriental fans and had a little collection of them and I was thrilled when my dad went on a business trip to China and brought me home a real kimono! Then again I'm sure there's not a Disney Princess I didn't deem my favorite for at least a short time. Now? It's Snow White :)
Outfit Details:
Dress - Burlington Coat Factory
Necklace - c/o Olive Deer

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Monday, April 14, 2014

All Yellow

sheinside, anniversary, floral 083 sheinside, anniversary, floral 085 sheinside, anniversary, floral 030 sheinside, anniversary, floral 086 sheinside, anniversary, floral 034 sheinside, anniversary, floral 095 sheinside, anniversary, floral 042
This post is titled after one of my favorite Coldplay songs. Yellow is one of my favorite colors (it's just such a happy color!) but I have a hard time wearing it with my fair complexion. It washes me out, like bad. Even my own Mother told me she wouldn't dress me in yellow as a baby because it just didn't work out. Oh yellow, why can't we be friends? I can usually get away with more mustard and gold hues and bright yellow in small amounts away from my face but that's about the extent of our friendship. As I'm sure you've discovered I love anything with florals and this dress with it's beautiful yellow flower detail got me hooked. I think the blush (a color I could be best friends with) makes it work for me and I'm super happy to have a little more yellow in my wardrobe. Now I'm kind of obsessed with the blush & yellow combo for Spring. Could it be any more perfect? Hope your Monday is off to a good start. I'm soaking up some sun in Zion's National Park today! Lots of fun hikes, exploring and jeeping for us this week and I couldn't be more happy for a little break from everyday life. It's always a good thing :)
Outfit Details:
Dress - c/o Sheinside
Heels - Ross
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