Monday, April 14, 2014

All Yellow

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This post is titled after one of my favorite Coldplay songs. Yellow is one of my favorite colors (it's just such a happy color!) but I have a hard time wearing it with my fair complexion. It washes me out, like bad. Even my own Mother told me she wouldn't dress me in yellow as a baby because it just didn't work out. Oh yellow, why can't we be friends? I can usually get away with more mustard and gold hues and bright yellow in small amounts away from my face but that's about the extent of our friendship. As I'm sure you've discovered I love anything with florals and this dress with it's beautiful yellow flower detail got me hooked. I think the blush (a color I could be best friends with) makes it work for me and I'm super happy to have a little more yellow in my wardrobe. Now I'm kind of obsessed with the blush & yellow combo for Spring. Could it be any more perfect? Hope your Monday is off to a good start. I'm soaking up some sun in Zion's National Park today! Lots of fun hikes, exploring and jeeping for us this week and I couldn't be more happy for a little break from everyday life. It's always a good thing :)
Outfit Details:
Dress - c/o Sheinside
Heels - Ross
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Friday, April 11, 2014

$185 Cash Giveaway

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Happy Friday!! One more awesome giveaway to end the week right! Thank you for all your sweet wishes and comments on my last couple posts :) I love you all!! Tomorrow we're heading down to Southern Utah for a little anniversary trip and some warm weather & adventure but I have posts scheduled all week so still stop by! & you can follow me on instagram if you want to see pics from our trip - I'm guaranteed to always take too many pictures ;) Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anniversary Pt. 2

jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-25 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-31 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-28 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-34 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-37 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-38 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-41 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-53jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-54 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-50 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-56 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-61 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-58 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-59 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-47
Today it's been four years since I promised to share my life and eternity with this beautiful blue-eyed boy :) I get to wake up to a mess of perfect curls covering a sleepy face of freckles every morning! (Speaking of which, I'm a little jealous. I've wanted freckles forever! I think they're the most beautiful thing.) It's also been exactly six years that we've been together - since we got married on our dating anniversary - we're just so cheesy cute like that. It's weird how time flies by, I feel like we're still newlyweds, but at the same time I can't remember life without him there. We can now say we've spent a fourth of our lives together! Kinda cool. And I'm still just as head over heels for him as I was in the start, maybe even more. It's amazing how you can love someone more and more with each day when you didn't even think your love had room to grow! But he's super easy to love! Besides being incredibly handsome ;) he's also the sweetest, most laid back, easygoing and genuinely happy person I've ever met. He tells me he loves me constantly, rubs my back every night, tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, and he helps me not take life too seriously. He's ALWAYS making me laugh and he knows just how to calm me down when I'm anxious or cheer me up when I'm sad. We kind of live by that phrase "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild". I push him to go on adventures and do crazy things like sky diving and he keeps me grounded. He keeps me sane. My weaknesses are his strengths, he literally completes me. I wouldn't change a thing about him or our relationship, it's honestly the most perfect and whole thing in this life. Sorry for getting mushy, but you should really try marrying your soul mate, it's the best thing I've ever done. Happy Anniversary to my one and only!! I love you more than any person could love another!

Fun fact: Ethan is also a dog and baby MAGNET. Even they're attracted to his kindheartedness! My favorite story is when we were walking through the grocery store behind a cart with a toddler in it and as we walked past he reached his arms up towards Ethan like he wanted him to pick him up and said "that guy!" with a huge smile on his face. Hahaha, gets me every time!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anniversary Pt.1

 Happy Hump Day!! 
Our Anniversary isn't until tomorrow but there were just TOO many good photos from our shoot with Kailey so I'm starting the sharing today! Hope you don't mind.
Man am I in love with this curly-haired freckled boy!
But I'll save the squishy stuff for tomorrow's post ;)

jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-7  jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-6 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-2 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-1 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-4 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-3 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-20 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-21 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-15 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-16 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-17 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-18 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-19 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-23 jessi+ethan_kaileyraephoto-24
Photos by Kailey Rae Photography 
Outfit Details:
Him                                       Her
Vest - Rock & Republic         Tee - Forever 21
Jeans - Cotton On                Jeans - Kohl's
Shoes - Vans                         Scarf - c/o 9th & Elm
                                            Sandals - c/o Missguided

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Romper

 photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-63_zpse4c62c2f.jpg  photo JacylnAustin_kaileyraephoto-2_zps910cefec.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-65_zps98a631d6.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-67_zps6551feeb.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-68_zps1d2bf0bb.jpg  photo JacylnAustin_kaileyraephoto-4_zps923e350f.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-66_zps51e92495.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-69_zps60400852.jpg  photo jessiethan_kaileyraephoto-70_zps0cec7771.jpg  photo JacylnAustin_kaileyraephoto-3_zpseddffa7e.jpg
I have a thing for rompers and jumpsuits right now. And overalls. Pretty much anything one-pieced I guess. I don't know what it is, they're just so easy and appealing. Usually they put off a relaxed, casual vibe so I love how this one is more structured and dressy! I could pair it with a blazer and pumps and feel totally sophisticated and business-y even though I could never wear this to work.. Instead I'll just wear it like this, with tights and sandals :) Are these sandals not the most gorgeous things?! I love that they're such vibrant colors and an intricate pattern on a simple strappy sandal. Juxtaposition people. I can't get enough! (Mom, look, I used my vocabulary) If you order them though, know they run big. I'd order a size down - can you tell how big they are on my feet? (I don't care, I'll still wear the hell out of them) Missguided has some seriously cute shoes! Remember my Thanksgiving post? I wear those heels ALL the time. It's funny, I just remembered I was wearing dungarees/overalls in that post! There you have it, Missguided must have an awesome romper/jumpsuit/overall thing going on too - no wonder I like them! Well, have a good Tuesday! 2 more days until my anniversary!! I can't wait to share all the cute pics Kailey took for us! They're so good, it might take more than one post. So, get ready for mushy couple stuff the rest of the week ;)

Outfit Details:
Leggings - Local Boutique
Necklace - Cents of Style

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