Friday, August 1, 2014

Gypsy Love

Hair by Ericka Dowsett // Makeup by T'ann Payne

So a few months back in May we got the AMAZING opportunity to model for one of my very favorite photographers, Kandis at her annual Wish Retreat. It was literally a dream come true! I had a whole slew of things thought up to persuade Ethan since he doesn't normally enjoy being in front of the camera (it was a few days after my birthday after all) but I think when he heard the excitement in my voice and saw my face light up he decided to play along without a fuss. He's got a heart of gold that one :) I loved the bohemian theme they gave us and seeing Ethan wearing something other than jeans and band tees! Kind of a random side note but I'm still getting used to seeing myself with these dramatic brows, haha! I love a thick brow but these are definitely more dramatic than my everyday ;) There were maybe 20 different photographers at the retreat so these are all just from one photographer, Brianna (the first one to get some images to me). If you live in Northern Utah, she's kind of awesome! We bonded with her on the drive to the shooting location telling our most embarrassing stories. It was pretty fun and easy shooting with her too and she obviously has talent!! It was a long, fun day and I can't wait to see all the other photos we get back! Thank you Kandis for having us!
P.S. Kandis' husband desperately needs cochlear implants to continue hearing and their insurance won't pay for it. Rather than asking for charity to raise the staggering $60k needed, Kandis is booking photo sessions and selling her amazing photoshop actions and workshops (most are only $5!!) If you're a photographer looking to make your photos better or just in need of new family photos please help her out! She's incredible!!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


These funny cats decided to crash my photos. The grey one just popped up in the background a couple times but this pretty white guy wanted to play! He kept rubbing up against me and rolling around on the ground next to me. It kind of freaked me out at first since cats usually aren't too fond of me. (I grew up around dogs and since my Dad was allergic to cats we never had any and it seems like every one I remember touching as a child bit me - haha!) But this one was a sweetie and had the prettiest yellow-green eyes! This was another photo sesh where I made Ethan go on a walk and casually snap pics in front of people's houses...haha. There's just SO many pretty old houses in my neighborhood. Someday I'll sneak some photos of my favorite one and show you! I'm convinced I'll live inside it one day. I'm sure you've noticed I'm super lazy with my style in the Summer. I love these sweats because they're perfect for lounging but "fancy" enough to throw on some heels with and go out! I wore this for a little froyo date with Ethan the other night where we noticed we accidentally wore matching shoes! If you follow me on instagram you probably saw the pic, it was pretty funny. Guess we were both in a leopard mood! The best part is these shoes are the only leopard either of us own.

Outfit Details:
Blazer - thrifted (similar)
Sweats - H&M (similar, similar)
Heels - Steve Madden via DSW (sold out of leopard, similar)
Bracelet - c/o Stilo 502

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello again! It's Tuesday but it still feels like Monday to me.. We snapped these photos quickly last night on the way to get me a new phone (sorry they're a bit blurry). I kind of hate getting a new phone and having to re-learn everything but I dropped my poor phone in the river while tubing over the weekend. Stupid thing was supposed to be waterproof, but I guess it had a little too much when our strung-together tubes all tipped over and tossed us violently down stream. I'm pretty sad about losing all our pics of the trip and countless others I had stored on there :( But, hey, I got a brand new phone out of it right? Still trying to decide if that's really a plus.. haha. Anywho, all I wanted to wear when we got out of that freezing cold ice water was this cute comfy sweatshirt from ILY. It's seriously the softest material ever and the perfect fit! I can't stop wearing it on chilly rainy days like yesterday and to bed when the AC in our apartment is turned up way too high. I love that it's living up to it's name and becoming a classic in my closet. Also I'm kiiinda obsessed with these heels!! You guys, I LOVE Shoedazzle. Like, seriously, what could be better than a monthly subscription to shoes?? Nothing. Just nothing.
Outfit Details:
'Classic' Sweatshirt - c/o ILY
Jeans - Celebrity Pink via Macy's (on sale!!)
Heels - Shoedazzle
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lace & Hearts

It's Friday!! In 8 hours I'll be free for another couple days, that's always a happy thought! I actually had yesterday off too since it was a State Holiday. Gotta love Banker's hours! We filled our day with messy hair and jeep rides through the canyon, family time and more fireworks on the lawn. I'm really dreading the day Summer is over. The temperature was perfect in the 90's (for me at least) and this over sized airy lace top and biker shorts were just the thing for a day of chilling out and enjoying the Summer sun. Can you tell I have a thing for biker shorts lately? They're like leggings but shorter. The comfy-ness of leggings year round? Yes please. Glad I rediscovered these cute heart print ones in my messy drawer of long lost pants! And these shades are my last and probably my favorite pair from Sunglass Warehouse. They have that vintage look, a mix of metal and plastic and my favorite tortoise frames. Did I mention they're under $20 (along with all of Sunglass Warehouse's shades)?! Definitely my new go-to pair! Have a great weekend my friends and thanks for always reading! I love you all!

Outfit Details:
Biker shorts - Papaya (old, closest thing I could find)
Sandals - c/o Aeropostale

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Picnic on the Lake

Happy hump day!! I'm sharing more adventures from our weekend today. We spent Sunday afternoon picnicking on the lake. Well, I guess if you can call lemonade and cherries a picnic. We live pretty close to several lakes, this one in particular is just a ways up the beautiful canyon 15 minutes from where we live. I don't know why this is the first time we've done this! Maybe next time we'll go all out with a basket and sandwiches ;) It was seriously so relaxing and fun, I know we'll be back soon! I miss the ocean terribly living in a landlocked state so being near the water makes my soul happy. We even tried going for a swim but it was a bit too cold... we'll have to try that again on a scorching hot day! We both wore our new shades from Sunglass Warehouse. Ethan's are made of real bamboo on the sides and he's pretty in love with them. Obviously he loves them enough he agreed to model them, which I'm pretty happy about! Look at that gorgeous hair!! Seriously not fair.
Well, have a happy rest of your hump day and a great Holiday tomorrow for all my Utah friends! I'll be back on Friday with my last sunglass post!

Outfit Details:
Top - J. Crew                                              On him:
Shorts - Thrifted (similar)                           Tank - WalMart (similar)
Bikini top - H&M                                         Boardshorts - DC (similar)                               
Bikini bottom - Target                                Sunnies - c/o Sunglass Warehouse
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Saturday night Ethan and I made the most of the nearby city's festivities and saw a free concert in the park complete with pineapple floats (pineapple floats > rootbeer floats), went to a carnival, and ended the night lying in the grass watching fireworks. It was the perfect Summer date! I always love to take photos of the bright lights and ferris wheels at carnivals but this time I thought what better place to take outfit photos? Much to Ethan's dismay. Although, I have to admit this time he wasn't the only one feeling awkward. The place was crawling with people and you'd be surprised the looks you get snapping pics at a carnival, haha! So ignore the awkward looks on my face, apparently I'm not good at looking normal under pressure ;) This is also my first of three posts this week with Sunglass Warehouse! They were kind enough to send me a few pairs of fun, bold sunnies to style and I'm loving this oversized, round, clear-framed pair. They added perfectly to the boho vibe I was going for with this flowy free-people-esque (not the real deal) dress! I'm all about the free people vibe without the price tag ;) Hope your week is off to a good start! A new thrift shop just opened a couple blocks from my house (!!!) so I spent an hour or so of my Monday poppin' tags in bliss.

Outfit Details:
Sandals - Ross (similar)
Bag - Tai Pan Trading (similar) (really want this!)

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